August 12, 2022

The Government of Canada is accepting applications for Summer Leadership Program 2019 through an online form that will be available until Sunday, Feb. 3.

The Summer Leadership Program (SLP) is a unique political internship opportunity developed to invest in the future success of young people from across the country.

The program gives young people an opportunity to contribute to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s team while gaining vital job experience serving in the offices of members of Parliament, ministers’ offices, the prime minister’s office and the Liberal research bureau.

“This program is very unique, as it gives a student a complete understanding of how MPs do their job.  It also provides a student with a front row seat as to how legislation is written, debated and made into law,” said Raj Saini, the member of Parliament for Kitchener Centre.

“This has been our third year where we have participated in the program. The experience has been great, as the students have been very eager, very intelligent and very conscientious of the opportunity to see the inner workings of the government.  The feedback we have received from the students has also been very positive and they have enjoyed the experience immensely,” Saini added.

SLP participants working with members of Parliament may have a split internship experience by serving two months in Ottawa and two months in the member’s riding. In some cases, SLP participants working with members of Parliament may have an opportunity to work the full four months in the member’s riding.

The SLP 2019 internship has been designed to meet learning objectives that are structured into the experience and guided by supervising political staff. The aim of the program is to balance the participant’s learning experience with the goals and responsibilities of the member of Parliament. Although each office will have a slightly different job description, the participants will develop learning experience where they will be able to acquire, grow and connect alongside other emerging young leaders.

Sukhpal Grewal, who worked for SLP, said, “I was very fortunate to have been a part of the Summer Leadership Program 2017. I gained invaluable experience as I was able to intern for a member of Parliament. Some of the duties I undertook included preparing briefing notes and background research for committee work, assisting with communications and media relations, as well as attending caucus meetings with or on behalf of the member.

“Being able to intern amongst the best political minds in the country was very rewarding, as I was able to be a part of a team working hard for Canadians every single day. The SLP team did an amazing job at ensuring no stone was left unturned, as interns were able to fully participate and engage with our political leaders. The SLP program is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Grewal said.

For complete information about the application process and the requirements for certain positions, visit the city’s Summer Student Lottery official job posting.

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