June 27, 2022

In the heart of Uptown Waterloo lies a new place for fitness buffs to get their fill of healthy, active living — a place that provides a different experience from other gyms in the region.

Hustl+Flow opened its doors last fall and has already made an impact in Kitchener-Waterloo, with only six months under its belt.

The new fitness centre places emphasis on the experience of those in attendance rather than just the results alone.

The fitness and wellness collective holds fun, fast-paced classes in boxing, cycling and yoga, accompanied by some of the most popular and uplifting music today and led by some of the most motivational and inspirational teachers you will find.

The modern space on King Street South in Waterloo provides everyone who sets foot inside the facility with a cool and progressive take on fitness, while the friendly staff makes a point of making all who try the new experience feel welcome.

“We want to light you up,” founder Courtney Fonseca says. “At Hustl+Flow, we are passionate about people, movement, growth and community.”

The self-proclaimed fitness boutique has gained a substantial following on social media and a large number of regular attendees, as well as plenty of walk-ins and referrals who have heard of the great work being done there.

“The first time I walked into Hustl+Flow, I didn’t want to leave,” Marcus Williams of Kitchener said. “It was really amazing — like the people were friendly, the atmosphere was nice; just the vibe, in general, was second to none.”

With a Goodvibes juice stand on site and an infrared sauna, Hustl+Flow is setting itself apart from the competition in the region and looks to be picking up some major momentum in the trendy Uptown Waterloo area.

For more information on Hustl + Flow visit their website for details.

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