June 28, 2022

On March 1 at midnight, rapper 2 Chainz released his fifth studio album entitled Rap Or Go To The League.

2 Chainz, who stands six feet five inches, actually played basketball at Alabama State University, but opted to chase a career in music rather than sports.

This album is the first of its kind, in that an active professional athlete acts as artist and repertoire (A&R) person for the project. NBA superstar LeBron James lent his musical ear to Rap Or Go To The League and helped 2 Chainz in the selection process for what songs would make the cut.

LeBron James and 2 Chainz discuss the rapper’s new album

The second track of the album, Threat 2 Society, features the Atlanta native’s signature rap style over a soulfully sampled instrumental, where he raps the lyrics, “This beat hard enough to put Jay’ on it,” as an homage to legendary rap artist Jay-Z.

The album also features guest appearances from hip-hop heavyweights such as Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper and Lil Wayne, as well as pop star Ariana Grande on the song Rule The World.

Rap Or Go To The League seemingly covers all the bases of a rap album with songs for every listener. It touches the heartstrings of the hip-hop purist and grabs the average fan’s attention with its upbeat trap tracks, like Whip or High Top Versace.

The album is available in local record stores and can be streamed on Apple Music and Spotify.

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