May 25, 2024

A Waterloo resident started the K-W and Area Pet Food Bank about a month ago — and has helped many pet owners since.

The food bank’s founder, Emma Galloway, graduated from Conestoga College twice: once from the food technician processing program and also the food safety and quality assurance program.

“I’ve always been a animal lover,” said Galloway. “I’ve grown up with a multitude of pets. So, you know, I’ve owned everything from frogs to bunnies, birds. Primarily, I grew up with three cats. And they were all adopted from the Humane Society. And through the years, I’ve become more aware of the number of strays that are on the streets of the city.”

Galloway said the organization serves people who are unemployed, lower income or even those who are just looking for a temporary assistance, such as Kerry Evens.

For those who want to support the cause, the founder said they are open to many helping hands.

“People can definitely help by donating, because, right now, although we are partnered with a pet food store, we do rely on the public to donate pet food to our locations,” explained Galloway. “They are spread out around the K-W area. And they can also contribute by volunteering with us, because being a one-man crew can be difficult, since I have a full-time job.”

Those who have any questions can contact the food bank through their Facebook page or at

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