May 28, 2022

Before the kids go egg hunting this Easter, why not stock up on some energy at this year’s Good Friday fish fry, being held at the Royal Canadian Legion branch at 316 Marsland Dr., Waterloo, on April 19? It starts at noon and ends at 6 p.m. It is meant for all ages and the starting cost is $8.75.

With the meal, diners get nine ounces of cod with french fries and coleslaw. Two pieces of fish will put the cost up to $14.25 and there will be an additional cost of $1.50 for takeout orders. The takeout orders must be in person.

This is the second year that this event is taking place and it is only held on Good Friday. It will take place in the club room of the Legion building and is open to members and the public.

Branch manager Bob Westphal says that they decided to do this event after seeing how successful it was at two other locations. The branch decided to try to compete with these places shortly after.

Westphal said he took notice a few years back how successful Sonny’s restaurant and the Waterloo Knights of Columbus were on Good Friday, serving fish and chips. “Realizing the popularity of this, we decided to give it a try here and hopefully capitalize on the day too,” he said.

But it wasn’t just putting on the event that they had to consider; it was also the food for the event that they would have to plan out. With expectations high for food that would be provided, Legion officials needed to choose their foods carefully.

Westphal said that if they wanted to compete with the best restaurant, then they would have to provide the best that they could find when it came to fish.

“After trying many products, we found one that our members gave us great reviews on. . . . Our food is purchased by the branch through a wholesaler.”

Westphal said the event isn’t only about competing and putting on good food — it’s also an opportunity to profit as well, considering that they would not be able to rely on the side of the business that runs a bar.

“Bottom line, we can’t just rely on the bar side of the business to make us a profit, we need food and we need events. That’s what motivates us . . . . We run a business. We buy, we sell.”

This event will be staffed mainly by volunteers, along with many of the other events that are held at this Legion branch.

“Most of our events throughout the year are with the assistance of volunteers. Without volunteers, we would struggle to survive. I tell everybody that asks if we are hiring, yes, we are always hiring volunteers.”

Volunteers who wish to donate their time for the event can contact the Legion by phone at 519-886-4790 or through email:

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