June 7, 2023

Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer was in Waterloo Region on Sept. 24, where he was met by a group of protesters criticizing his party’s stance on climate change. 

A protester holding a sign urges people to join the climate strike outside Melville Café in Cambridge, Ont., on Sept. 24, 2019. (Joe McGinty/Spoke News)

After unveiling his plan to repeal Liberal “tax increases and cut red tape” surrounding small businesses at Cracker Jack’s Bar and Grill, Scheer visited two local companies in Cambridge, Ont.

He was set to appear at the Bellville Cafe at the University of Waterloo Cambridge campus. Outside of the cafe a number of protesters awaited his arrival, holding signs and chanting, “No more oil, keep it in the soil.”

Scheer canceled his appearance at the cafe. In a local media scrum later in the day, he said he didn’t cancel because of the protesters, but because he only had a few minutes to grab food before making the next stop.

His team decided to move his visit to L.A Franks hot dog stand around the corner from the cafe.  He met with local conservative candidate Sunny Attwall and grabbed a hot dog.

After a brief handshake with Attwal, Scheer was quickly rushed onto his tour bus as the protesters descended onto the event. The events were not publicly advertised and protesters outnumbered his supporters. 

Protesters confront Andrew Scheer at L.A. Franks in Cambridge, Ont., on Sept. 24, 2019. (Joe McGinty/Spoke News)

After boarding his bus, he moved on to KR3 Bats, a local baseball bat manufacturer and then met with another local conservative candidate Alan Keeso. 

Andrew Scheer meets with Alan Keeso in Cambridge, Ont., on Sept. 24, 2019. Joe McGinty/Spoke

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