March 2, 2024

 According to psychologist Raj Raghunathan, “Familiarity breeds liking.” Hence why some consumers will buy Apple over Android. But even though there is a “liking” from Apple fanatics, they really aren’t sure what to think about Apple’s most recent iPhone. 

Pre-orders for the new iPhone 11 started September 13 and fans in the Waterloo Region can have their hands on it as soon as September 20 at the Conestoga Mall in Waterloo. The basic starting price is $979 and the cost increases from there depending on the model and features chosen.

Apple’s promo ad for the new iPhone 11 -YouTube

Maddy Bilmes, a first-year student in Conestoga’s pre-health and sciences program, thinks Apple hasn’t been the same since the loss of its co-founder, chairman and CEO, Steve Jobs. 

“They’re not really innovating as they used to when Steve Jobs was there, where each time it was a step up. Before, every time a new phone came out, there were actually cool features and better things that were a bigger difference and made you wanna go switch,” said Bilmes.

Therefore, Bilmes doesn’t plan on upgrading her current iPhone to the new one. 

Waterloo’s Apple store in the Conestoga Mall was unable to disclose much information about the new iPhone because of their employee disclosure agreements, but the staff did seem enthusiastic about the number of people who are anticipated to buy it.

While some fans are ecstatic to drop upwards of a $1000, others aren’t ready to fork over their hard-earned money to be an early adopter.  

“I think it’s just more of a money grab and targets people that just ‘need’ new technology…my verdict is, it’s a waste of money,” said Brandon Power, a first-year marketing student.

The new iPhone 11 is essentially the same as its predecessor, the iPhone XR. The only difference is the display is upgraded, it has a new A13 bionic chip and an extra “ultra-wide” camera with a 120° field of view. It starts at $979.

The 11 Pro has a third telephoto camera and a 5.8-inch display and starts at $1,379. While the 11 Pro Max has a 6.5-inch display and starts at $1,519.

The 11 Pro is water-resistant to a maximum depth of 4 metres up to 30 minutes and the new battery is said to last “up to five extra hours in your day,” said Apple in their iPhone 11 Pro ad.

Apple’s promo ad for the new iPhone 11 Pro -YouTube

Some fans aren’t so thrilled about all the new features. They would rather see a focus on other features like: quicker wireless charging, or for Apple to bring back a clickable home button.

What kind of features would you like to see in a future iPhone? Would you be willing to drop upwards to $1000 on one? We would love to hear your feedback!

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