October 3, 2022

Student’s fill the lower atrium of Conestoga’s Doon Campus for the Get Involved Fair on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019. (Mick Selman/Spoke)

Community organizations from across Ontario flocked to Conestoga College’s Doon campus to connect with the student body and draw in new volunteers.

The Get Involved Fair, which ran from Tuesday, Oct. 1 to Thursday, Oct. 3 at 1 p.m. gave students the chance to meet with representatives for the organizations. They discussed volunteer opportunities and networking while learning about what resources are locally available to them.

Student Engagement, a department of the college, has hosted the fair twice annually since 2008 and each day offers students the chance to meet with different representatives.

Student Engagement Operations Officer Kaylee Taylor said the fair has only been growing since it was introduced: “We have now expanded to offer the [Get Involved Fair] at other campuses and have partnered with many of the organizations to offer ongoing volunteer opportunities.”

This year, students met with spokespeople for up to 30 different organizations including Habitat for Humanity, YMCA of KW and Autism Ontario.

Volunteering for the organizations can help students as well as the community. Conestoga offers students a document, known as their co-curricular record.

According to the Office of Student Engagement: “The [co-curricular record] is an official document, complementary to your academic transcript, which recognizes and records learning that you have achieved through approved co-curricular experiences at Conestoga College.”

The Get Involved Fair is full of volunteering opportunities which apply to co-curricular records, strengthening students’ resumes in the process.

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