May 23, 2022

Conestoga College assists students and alumni with employment by hosting career fairs, recommending students to off-campus companies and hiring a few deserving students on-campus after they graduate.

 A career fair called Partnerships for Employment (P4E) was organized on Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019 at RIM Park in Waterloo, where more than 300 companies met students and developed a network.“Getting a job in your field is a challenging task.”

“Getting a job in your field is a challenging task,” Abhishek Thakkar, a first-year global hospitality management student, said in a telephone interview with Spoke.

“Now the college has started to help students by arranging workshops, and much more where we can improve our skills.”

Thakkar said he likes the way the college helps students to build their resumes and arrange mock interviews.

According to 2015-16 statistics, almost 87 per cent of Conestoga graduates were employed within six months of graduation.

Conestoga graduates contribute more than $2.3 billion to the local economy every year, according to data from the college.

Conestoga is taking initiatives to help students as much as possible because finding employment isn’t an easy task once a student graduates.

“Students should always give themselves six months after graduation to find a job which is a minimum amount of time,” said Sweta Gupta, a web-design professor at Conestoga College.

One of the critical struggles which students face is not getting to hear back from employers if their application is unsuccessful.

Students need to enhance their cover letter and resume according to the job requirements to find the glitch behind no response reaction from the companies, Gupta said.

Communicating and developing a network is tremendously significant with regards to finding employment which can only increase by going to events like job fairs and workshops, said Gupta.

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