May 28, 2022

Forever 21, the popular fashion brand, has started slashing prices after it publicly announced it will be closing all of its 44 locations in Canada.

The company’s self-described Sale-A-Thon is available right now both in stores and online, where sales are up to 90 per cent off. Accessories are retailing for as low as $2 and tops and bottoms cost as little as $7.  

The once go-to fashion chain filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and plans to liquidate store inventory before the end of 2019.

 “We are reorganizing,” customer representative Carl Talahib said in a phone interview.

In an email, a company spokesperson said: “We are working hard to make some changes to how our organization is structured to strengthen Forever 21 for the future.”

To some customers, it felt like only yesterday when Forever 21 held their big grand opening in November of 2014 at Fairview Park Mall in Kitchener, Ont.

“I love Forever 21 and I’m sad to see them go but at least they are having a big sale,” said customer Sasha Pereira, who was browsing for deals on jewelry.


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