May 25, 2022

For students away from home, tiffin service is a veritable boon. An independently owned local business, home-made food is welcome news for people around the K-W region. What better than piping hot tiffin at your doorstep?

“My concern is to provide healthy meals to students,” said Gurpal Singh, owner of Punjabi Thali, a local catering service, in a telephone interview with the Spoke.

Singh runs his own tiffin service business and provides home- cooked food for students who live away from home.

“My family eats the same food that we cook at our home for delivery to students.” 

Singh said he aims at “taking away their pressure” of cooking.

As the tiffin and catering service help students save time, they consider it a life easing hack. 

Ruhaab Khan, an alumnus of Conestoga College, said she can relate to the workload of the college-going crowd, as she had been in the same shoes when she was studying at the college. 

Khan didn’t have time to cook, so she signed up for the tiffin service, which made her life easier

Hameed T Azad, a resident of Kitchener, eats pasta in Kitchener, Ont., on Oct. 7, 2019. (Kriti Thakur/ Spoke News)

“We have to manage school and workplace pressure together. So, it is a great way to save time spent in cooking,” she said.

The town food delivery services are cost-effective, as people get the option to leave behind the headache of groceries.

 “Our basic meal plan starts from $160, which covers 20 days. I have more specific meal layouts that cover 26 days in $200 monthly,” Singh said.

He only serves vegetarian Indian food that includes curry or pulses, veggies, chapatis or rotis and rice.

People who decide to go for tiffin services include not only international students but also domestic students.

“I have students from the United States, Qatar, India, Sri Lanka, and Canada itself, who chose my catering service,” said Singh.   

Tiffin and catering service is one of the most accepted food services in the K-W region as it manages to roll in food for people who are unable to cook at home or who stay away from home.

To get the service, one needs to contact the owner of the tiffin service so that they can pack a lunch box for you.

“It is interesting to try new food from other countries. Also, it gives international students that taste of home,” said Conner Stevenson, a first-year student of public relations program, in an interview with the Spoke.

“I could not imagine going to another country and not being able to eat the food I like.”

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