June 28, 2022

Just about everyone knows who the Beatles are. But what if every human on earth just suddenly had no idea who these famous 1960’s music sensations were? That is –except for a select few. The movie Yesterday encases that — and much more.

Movie trailer from Moviebill via YouTube.

Starring Himesh Patel and featuring Ed Sheeran— the movie Yesterday, directed by Danny Boyle, showcases Jack Malik, a struggling musician who suffers an accident. This accident results in him being the only person who remembers who the greatly acclaimed Beatles are—at least so he thought.  

Insanity, guilt, happiness—these are just a few of the many emotions that Malik feels throughout the film. 

From a nobody to a superstar who makes Ed Sheeran feel like he’s nonexistent, Malik gets what almost every human being wishes for—to be rich and famous. But as American photographer Annie Leibovitz said,

“I’m more interested in being good than being famous.”

Or as Johnny Mathis, a popular American singer-songwriter also said,

“Sometimes being famous gets in the way of doing what you want to do.”

Both of these statements help paint the picture of what Malik goes through while he tries to give the world what they have forgotten. 


Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

In a scene in the movie, Malik finishes The Beatles song, “Help!” he then screams into the microphone “Help me!” Literally as a cry for help. 

This is the turning point of the movie and Maliks breaking point. He couldn’t take it anymore, the guilt of becoming famous on songs that someone else wrote.

Shortly after his meltdown on stage, Malik is greeted by two fans who earlier in the movie are seen stalking him and acting strange. They begin to tell him about how they saw him go to Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, and Eleanor Rigby’s grave. 

Malik went to those places in Liverpool, UK to seek out inspiration to remember the lyrics of these famous songs. They then tell him they came to thank him for helping The Beatles music live on.  Malik is relieved to find out they too can remember who The Beatles are. 

He then exclaims, “I feel like I’ve been running around a foreign country and I’ve finally bumped into two people who can speak English!”

If you haven’t seen the movie Yesterday and you’re any bit a fan of The Beatles—you need to watch this movie!

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