February 24, 2024
Students walk to the GRT bus at the temporary bus stop in parking lot 10 on Nov. 12, 2019 (Kirsten Kitto/ Spoke News) 

The temporary bus stops in parking lot 10 at Conestoga College have been removed, and two new routes to Conestoga are now up and running.

Starting Thursday, Nov. 14, GRT will be using newly built platforms located at door three at the college to pick up and drop off students. 

Despite tweets and posters informing people of the changes, not everyone is aware of the new location. Nicole Hebbert, an occupational therapy and physiotherapy assistant student said, “I went to the old spot [this morning] and I was like wait a second… it’s not there.” 

Another lady was seen flustered and upset that she had missed her bus, confused as to where to board for the correct route.

The temporary stops that were located in parking lot 10 were put in place starting Sept. 2 for approximately one month, but actually lasted for over two.

According to a notice posted on the bus stop pole, “due to construction on the internal road at Conestoga College all GRT routes that don’t normally service door three will be on detour. Refer to the map below for detouring routing and stop information.” 

Each route was designated to the temporary area except for the iXpress routes 201 and 203, which have been stopping at #1342 outside of the E wing for the construction period. 

All routes can now be accessed by the doors closest to the Tim Hortons, and the new routes that have been put into place can be found at stop #1342 outside the E wing at Conestoga. The new routes are #36 Thomas Slee and #76 Doon Mills, which will come every half hour. 

Detours and other GRT changes posted on the pole of the bus stop at Conestoga College on Nov. 12, 2019 (Kirsten Kitto/ Spoke News)

To access the next available bus for all routes departing from Conestoga, students can visit one of the two GRT screen displays that show the next arrival time for each bus. 

GRT also has a free app available to download called the GRT easyGO.  It shows all routes in an area and allows the user to search any stop number to see the next available time.

For more information, visit https://www.grt.ca/en/index.aspx.

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