July 23, 2024

Conestoga security kicked four people out of the Bhangra Party on Friday, Feb. 7 following reports of underage drinking.

“One of the four people who were asked to leave was drinking alcohol without the green band on, which ensures that the person is under age,” Shashwat Agarwal, event security supervisor, said in an interview with Spoke.

The Venue was filled with more than 250 attendees, and only five or six security guards.

The guards tried to stop bad behaviour through a “random check” to maintain a safe environment safe.

When people drink a lot and go completely out of control, security must ask them to leave as it becomes chaotic for other attendees, Agarwal said.

Apart from the small disruptions, the exclusive Bhangra tunes party was vibrant. The Venue bar made more than $1,000 during three hours, said a bartender.

The majority of international students at Conestoga hail from Punjab, a province in northwestern India. Bhangra is a folk dance of the province. The style is executed with vigorous kicks, leaps, and bends of the body.

“It is not just a dance form; it is an emotion. Since childhood, my family and I have been doing Bhangra together on every occasion,” said Amandeep Singh, a first-year strategic global business management student.

The DJ was equally effervescent, like the people rocking the floor. 

Jasmeet Kaur, a second-year general business student, said: “I’m very excited for this party as we got a chance to dress up traditionally and make it a night.”

“It is the first time that Conestoga hosted this party and let the Punjabis dance on their own beats,” she added.   

Many female attendees were dressed in the traditional North Indian attire – a suit. It consists of loose trousers, topped by a tunic top, and with a scarf whereas most gentlemen were in denim jeans and a shirt with a leather jacket. 

The DJ played authentic tunes, and the crowd became extremely spirited, dancing until the end of the night.

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