February 24, 2024

The health conscious decision was made following COVID-19 concerns

Canada’s favourite game has changed after 35 years. Tim Hortons has cancelled its roll up to rim to win contest cups amidst concerns over the coronavirus (or officially known as COVID-19). 

The contest is only being played through their app this year from March 11 until April 7.

In a press release via newswire.ca,  Chief Marketing Officer of Tim Hortons, Hope Bagozzi said, “We will always do the right thing for guests, restaurant owners and 100,000 team members. Given the current public health environment, we decided to make a change to our contest. We have redistributed all $30 million of prizes to restaurant giveaways and our digital Roll Up The Rim contest.”

What do customers think of roll up this year? 

Dany Brown, a contract worker for Conestoga College, doesn’t mind using the app to order or play the contest as it’s convenient to not have to wait in the long lines on Doon campus.

Either way, Brown doesn’t really mind the change to roll-up the rim this year. 

WATCH IT: Watch Brown play Roll Up The Rim for the first time this year. 

Some like saving the money they’d usually blow when Roll Up comes around.

Others are just hoping the franchise will do the right thing for their employees.

The coffee franchise is refusing to accept reusable cups amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. (Broderick Visser / Spoke News)

Tim Hortons also cancelled its plan to give out 1.8 Million reusable cups on March 10 to kick off this year’s contest. Their plan of being more eco-friendly has also been cancelled with fears of the COVID-19 disease spreading through the exchange of reusable cups — so the franchise won’t be accepting them.

Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim cups being shipped back from the Conestoga College Doon Campus location on Tuesday, March 10, 2020. (Melissa Burks / Spoke News)

It was noticed by Spoke on March 10, that the franchise located in Conestoga College’s Doon campus was shipping back contest cups. The boxes were clearly labeled with “ROLL UP THE RIM” and “Paper hot drink cups” on the boxes.

The boxes were being shipped back as the store received their regular order.

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