June 15, 2024

Volunteers and staff with Ontario-based clothing firm WE BE US have announced they collected 67,215 pairs of socks to be donated to shelters and organizations around Canada throughout this winter.

The big announcement was made at their wrap up party, held at Signal Brewery in Corbyville, Ont., recently and their results were an “outstanding success,” according to Jennifer Coleman, who is a part of the WE BE US team.

“Last year, our goal was 20,000 pairs, and we exceeded that with 28,481. We were confident we’d hit our 50,000 pair goal this year, and smashing it with 67,215 pairs is just mind-blowing,” she said in an interview with Spoke.

20K Sock Day is an initiative by WE BE US to get 20,000 socks donated to shelters across Canada.

“The idea for the company stemmed from the realization that approximately 200,000 Canadians experience homelessness each year, and socks are the number one required item in shelters across the nation,” said Emilie Leneveu, WE BE US’s manager.

WE BE US is a clothing brand from Belleville, Ont., founded by Nick Foley and Phil Kerr. They collect socks from November to February yearly, and if customers buy their own WE BE US pair of socks, the company donates an extra pair to a shelter on behalf of the client.

“We had businesses, schools, and even individuals across the country taking part in this year’s campaign. From big cities to small towns. It was truly nationwide. We are so humbled by the response and so grateful for every single person and organization that participated,” Coleman said.

Conestoga College was one of the places collecting socks for this campaign.

Students could have donated socks from Feb. 18 to 20, at the CSI office.

“We are glad about the turnout,” said Scot Wyles, CSI’s president. “It may not be high, but we are glad to help contribute to this campaign and help those in need.”

According to WE BE US, Conestoga collected 158 pairs of socks for the campaign.

“Regardless of how many socks are raised, we are incredibly humbled and thankful for how many Canadians have helped us with donations over the last few months for this year’s second annual 20K Sock Campaign Day,” Leneveu said.

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