June 7, 2023

Devin Moody of Toronto pop boy-band TWNRVA (pronounced Twin Rova), whose sound is tribute to Blink-182 and Panic! At The Disco, is one of many musicians who have turned to livestreaming during COVID-19.

As the pandemic continues, Moody says being a self-employed musician is a struggle, as he is losing income from not being able to perform.

Through livestreams, he’s hoping to connect people while also reminding audiences to keep supporting musicians and small businesses during these times, as they’re all experiencing hardship from the current situation.

While many are stuck at home, Moody is offering vocal and guitar lessons (Devin.lawsonvocalstudios@gmail.com), to help pass the time, or you can follow his Instagram, devintwnrva, for his next livestream notification.  

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