February 24, 2024

Note: The banner photo was taken by Broderick Visser and is of a medicinal marijuana grow-op run out of a former tomato greenhouse located in Simcoe, Ont., which is part of Norfolk County. The site has been temporarily shut down due to a court order but will reopen once certain conditions are met. This site used to grow marijuana year-round. (Broderick Visser / Spoke News).

In the rural tobacco county roads of Norfolk County, Ont., numerous marijuana grow-ops are continuing to sprout up. They bring with them adverse effects to nearby residents such as pungent odours, sleep deprivation and property depreciation.

The following documentary showcases the medicinal marijuana industry in Ontario and how municipalities like Norfolk County are dealing with the complaints of local residents. Spoke reporter Broderick Visser reports.

Twitter: @BroderickVisser

Math referenced in the documentary and other related resources: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V7AoVWgWURFEmg5Fl4MPFU58F7BKE6_5bS22ye2uV4c/edit?usp=sharing

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