August 19, 2022

People had been wondering when a second wave of COVID-19 would hit Ontario, and it’s here now. According to Premier Doug Ford, Ontario has entered a second wave. “We know that this wave will be more complicated and more complex, it will be worse than the first wave we faced earlier this year,” Ford said recently.

Ontario reported 2,176 COVID cases on Sept. 28 and in the Waterloo Region, there are 156 active cases and five outbreaks as of Oct. 1.

The real question is whether people will change their ways to help reduce cases or will they continue to live their lives the way they want to.

Jesse Jonkman, a mother of two young kids from Kitchener, said she is focusing on keeping her children safe and to learn new ways to adapt with COVID-19. 

Says Jonkman, “My kids are important, and they need to learn how to live with this virus because chances are that they will grow up with it, so sanitizing and wearing a mask is something they need to get used to.”

Ford has changed the gathering limit and has reduced hours for bars and restaurants where lots of gatherings have been happening which increased in cases. He also forced strip clubs to close down.

“People need to wear masks, and I think the reason cases are shooting up is because no one cares and they’re over it,” said Amanda Appleton, a mother of two teenagers.

In a phone interview with Appleton, she said she isn’t as cautious as she was during the first wave but is still making sure her children are being safe and following the rules.

“Everyone gets sick, and yes this virus is new and scary but I’m not going to change too much, I’m just going to follow what Doug Ford says and wear a mask,” said Appleton

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