December 5, 2023

This fall the city of Kitchener will see job opportunities rise with the opening of a local Amazon delivery location

On Sept. 9, 2020, the Kitchener City Council announced that a 120,000 square foot building on Shirley Ave will become a place for Amazon’s delivered goods.

This location will not only create jobs for many Kitchener residents, it will also give local businesses the opportunity to have their products delivered by a company many people are comfortable with and rely on.

COVID-19 has decreased the number of available jobs in Kitchener causing many people to collect CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) or seek other financial aid. And with businesses continuing to reopen Amazon plans to employ hundreds of Ontarians in Waterloo Region. 

“We’re pleased that Amazon has chosen the City of Kitchener and continues to expand its investment in the Region through the establishment of another delivery station. As a global player in 21st century retail, Amazon’s new delivery station will create both new permanent job growth as well as small business opportunities for local entrepreneurs interested in establishing delivery businesses,” said Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic in a city council media release. 

An example of future available positions is delivery drivers, full and part time. Entrepreneurs looking to expand their business in the delivery field are also encouraged to apply to deliver Amazon packages. 

The Shirley Ave location opening doesn’t only benefit future employees. Katie Mcsweeney, 19, says she is excited to see this location open because she has been using Amazon more frequently since she moved back to Kitchener for school. 

Mcsweeney doesn’t drive therefore she needs to know that her purchases will be delivered to her door in good condition and in good time. And with this location opening in the fall she assumes the service will get better. 

“As Amazon is usually one of my go-to places to get things I need efficiently, I think the new location will make delivery even quicker which will be nice,” Mcsweeney said in an interview. 

Katie Mcsweeney’s ceiling lights she recently purchased from Amazon.

Kitchener’s City Council has big plans for Amazon’s future in Waterloo Region. But until the location opens, people that are interested in working there are encouraged to sign up for job alerts at

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