April 22, 2024

     Waterloo Regional Police services released a public service announcement last week to warn residents that a high-risk offender was released on parole and will be residing in Kitchener. 

     School has started and Waterloo is once again filled with university and college students. That being said, The Waterloo Regional Police are urging students and community members to stay vigilant as a sexual predator who previously attacked two university students has been released and they believe that he will re-offend. 

     “It makes me uneasy thinking that someone who is considered high-risk is out in a city that so many students call home,” said Amy Lovelacey during a phone interview with Spoke. She is a 19-year-old university student living in Waterloo.

     Hayan Yassin, a 34-years-old male, was released from prison based on a decision made by The Parole Board of Canada on Sept. 14, and he has chosen to resign in Kitchener, Ont.

Photo of Hayan Yassin, courtesy of The Waterloo Regional Police.

     In an email written to Spoke, Cherri Greeno, the manager of Public Information for the WRPS said, “The Waterloo Regional Police Service did not take part in the decision regarding Mr. Yassin’s release or the parole conditions. The Parole Board of Canada reviews request for release and determines who will be granted a release.” 

    In 2011, Yassin was sent to prison after kidnapping two University of Waterloo students. He was convicted of sexual assault with a weapon, forcible confinement and sexual assault causing bodily harm. Both women feared for their lives and the events proved to be deliberate. 

     He remained in prison until 2018, where he was released on similar terms. Over the course of four months, he breached several of his terms, including going to University Avenue wearing the University of Waterloo clothes and went to coffee shops that were popular hangouts for students. This resulted in him being brought back into custody.

     As of early September, Yassin was once again released on certain terms and these terms are being closely watched by the WRPS who are also working alongside the Correctional Services of Canada to oversee them through electronic monitoring. 

     Greeno said in his interview that, “Despite the fact that we did not take part in the decision to release, we are very committed to ensuring the safety of our community and our officers are working diligently with the Correctional Service of Canada to ensure Mr. Yassin is monitored and in compliance with the terms of his release.”

     The terms that Yassin must follow are:

  • Abide by a curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. unless it is work-related with the written agreement from the parole supervisor.
  • Not permitted to consume alcohol or drugs.
  • Not permitted to visit drinking establishments.
  • Not allowed to be in, near, or around the campuses of the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University without the written permission of the parole supervisor.
  • Must reside at a specific place approved by the Correctional Service of Canada.
  • Not permitted to purchase, acquire, possess or access pornography or sexually explicit material in any form or type of media.
  • Must report any attempts to initiative intimate sexual and non-sexual friendships with females, along with any contacts and any changes to those relationships.
  • Must request permission from the parole supervisor prior to using online dating websites.
Map of where Yassin is not allowed to enter under his terms of release, courtesy of The Waterloo Regional Police

     The WRPS is urging the community to look out for Yassin and if they witness him breaking any of the terms listed above, do not approach but call 911.

     “We published a photo of him so the public is aware of what he looks like,”  Greeno said to Spoke. “Due to his past crimes and the fact that he breached his previous conditions, there is concern that he could breach the current terms. We are asking anyone who may have information about Mr. Yassin breaching any of his terms to call 9-1-1 immediately.”

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