September 25, 2022

Despite the foreboding nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been able to create joy through weddings.

These downsized ceremonies — which have earned the name “micro-weddings”– offer a much more intimate and personalized experience than the infamous big, white wedding that was common pre-pandemic.

The benefits of micro-weddings are not only related to the wedding experience, they also cut back on a lot of big costs associated with weddings. Since there are fewer guests permitted — in Waterloo you can have seven people with you — there is less money spent on catering, reception areas and decor.

For both micro-weddings I have been a part of, as opposed to catering and renting a reception hall, the couples made their own food and hosted the reception at their homes. This also added a more personal touch to the weddings, as friends and family gathered more like a dinner party and less like a formal wedding. An air of relaxation filled the room and for a moment, it was like nothing had changed.

But should this trend end after COVID-19? It’s not that simple. As these micro-weddings provide much more intimacy, lowered costs, and less anxiety for the couple, surely they should stick around. Many couples who have had micro-weddings during the pandemic say they will have a bigger ceremony in a few years, when financial stability is stronger and more guests are allowed to come by.

So while the COVID-19 micro-wedding may not be what you had planned, it could be the time you need to relax, celebrate and have a good time with friends and family.

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