June 12, 2024

Music is powerful. Music is unique. Music can control our lives. The music we listen to really impacts who we are as people and how we feel daily. A certain tempo and rhythm has a way of ruling over our body; if that’s in a negative or positive way. We feel music. It has a power over us.

Music changes our mood and spirit so dramatically. If we are happy, we will choose to listen to a song that also makes us happy. If we are sad, we will listen to a song that will let us have a good cry if needed or choose music that brings us joy. We need music to fill that void if we don’t know exactly how we are feeling. Music isn’t only for when you are feeling content and happy. It can produce a sadness too. There is a song and genre for every mood.

Not only does a rhythm affect our mood, but the artists themselves as people influence us. The vocabulary musicians use, can alter our word choices too. The artists we listen to shape us to become more like them in some way. We are impacted by the story they tell us through their words. We feel like we are going through the same journey as they are. It could be a negative or positive journey and that’s why our music choices can modify our daily lives drastically. 

Electric Guitar. Photo by Eden Corner (Spoke News)

The best part about music is that it’s our way of expression. We can communicate our feelings and emotions through someone else’s words. Sometimes we don’t know how to voice how we feel, so music supports us. It takes our thoughts and emphasizes them behind a catchy beat. I feel like we need music to survive. It gives us a voice. We are able to convey our expression through the words and rhythm of music.

Music touches our soul. We get everything we need from just listening to music. The energy gives us permission to feel and be creative. We can be whoever we want when listening to music. Music is an escape. Music is within us.

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