May 25, 2022

College parties have still been happening this year despite the pandemic, but students said they’ve mostly been following government guidelines. 

At the beginning of the year, parties were frequent at Queen’s university but as cases rose, students were going out less. Jessica Chong a third-year student at Queen’s University is one of those students. 

“Now we only go out once a weekend, but in September we would go out a bunch of times a week,” Chong said. 

Quinn Bennett-Schewtz a second-year student at Durham College, says the biggest difference is that parties are more relaxed with smaller numbers, instead of crushing beers, students are more likely to sit around and smoke a joint. 

“It’s a lot more laid back, like a joint and hang out, nothing too crazy,” Schwetz said 

A typical night for Chong and her group of friends consists of having some drinks together, listening to music, and playing classic party games like beer pong. 

Students may not have the same luxuries as past years when it comes to partying, but it seems they are making the most out of what they have while remaining safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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