August 10, 2022

Christmas movies are what bring the Holidays together. Sitting on a cozy couch with blankets and hot chocolate while it snows beautifully outside is just one reason why Christmas is the best and nothing can ruin it — except Hallmark movies.

Why do Hallmark movies exist? You’re watching the same plot with different settings, even the characters aren’t different. The same actors each have roles in about 10 different Hallmark movies. Lacey Chabert, who played the role of Gretchen in Mean Girls, has a total of 18 Hallmark movies. Candace Cameron Bure from Full House who played D.J Tanner has a total of eight. You just won’t miss them.

Photo by Dave Addey from Twitter
A collage of Hallmark movie covers that are all identical, with the traditional red and green, as well as a man and woman who ideally fall in love.

This year there are 40 brand new Hallmark Christmas movies. Twenty-three of which are going on the Hallmark Channel and 17 on Hallmark movies and mystery. Each movie takes up to two to three weeks to film and most are filmed in Canada. 

Let’s not forget, since the lockdown due to COVID-19, Hallmark Channel decided to play Christmas movies all through spring and summer because they wanted to keep people happy and boost serotonin. Anything Christmas related is known to make individuals happy. Well not this one.

There came a point where I would walk downstairs during lockdown in May and what do I see on TV? A city girl falling in love with a country boy who’s a Christmas tree farmer, fully known as the Hallmark Channel, every movie you can guess the plot and 110 per cent of the time you’re right.

Bless my mother’s soul but there came a time I had to shut the tv off. I couldn’t stand seeing a chef fall in love with her competitor or a man who hated Christmas and fell in love with a small-town girl, ending up loving Christmas because of “love”.

Sometimes cheesy romances are fun to watch but not these, they’re so unrealistic,  the acting seems off and so happy and cheering, not in a good way. Where is the emotion? 

At the end of the day they choose quantity over quality. People want detailed movies with a strong plot that is exciting. They don’t want to watch 50 movies with the same character, setting, and predictable plot. I want to see true Holiday movies! I want to watch a middle aged elf learn how to climb an escalator and try the world’s best cup of coffee. Or a family decorating their house so full of lights that the father gets electrocuted, and wanting a Christmas bonus so the poor man could get a pool in his yard. I want to laugh and cry, not sit and watch a woman travel to Colorado and fall in love with a single dad. Personally Michael Keaton turning into Jack Frost is my cup of tea.

To save a life, please watch a real Christmas movie where the acting and emotion is there. Hallmark movies are just sad actors who couldn’t catch a break, so they hopped on to these sad movies to save their careers. 

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