May 25, 2022

Warning: This review might contain spoilers.

How to Get Away with Murder, is an American legal thriller starring Viola Davis as Annalise Keating, a polished and high-profile criminal defence attorney who teaches criminal law at a prestigious university. She refers to her criminal law class as “how to get away with murder.”

The series progresses as Keating and her five students, commonly known as the Keating 5, get their lives intertwined by a murder. The show itself had a knack of leaving viewers in suspense after each episode. It is stretched across six seasons and seven years (2014-2020). Every season starts with a cut scene of the final few episodes of that season, showing someone getting murdered.

 The show is well written, especially the first three seasons keep you on the edge of your seat with various roller coaster-like plot-twists but at the same time warms your heart with its character development and how they cultivate their relationships with each other.

The storyline is gripping but it does get boring sometime in between season 4 and 5 as plots get dropped and characters sometimes make debatable decisions which in turn make them unlikable.

It certainly is a binge-worthy show and especially in the first season, every episode was heart-stopping entertainment.

Being a legal thriller, it certainly had some inaccuracies regarding the portrayal of lawyers among other things but overall, the show was entertaining enough to look past all that. The series finale gives a fitting ending as the show completes its full circle in the last scene. The show also won several accolades and tons of nominations. A notable award was won by Viola Davis was an Emmy in 2015.

I personally ended up binging all six seasons in just over a month and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would rate it a solid nine out of ten.

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