August 10, 2022

Lil’ Pickles the Pug is a famous Instagram dog, with over 230k followers on the social media platform. She’s adored by her many followers thanks to her playful, jolly and often times, goofy personality. 

The @lil_pickles_da_pug social media account began as a way for Pickles’ owner, Sarah Mitchell, to share her fun-loving and adorable dog with her followers. She never expected that the account would blow up the way it did. Pickles and her family reside in Toronto, Ont.

The social media account is chock-full of the plump pug’s wild antics, and her wearing some outrageously fun outfits. Such as Detective Pikachu, a sweet grandma, and more.

Melissa Halliday, a long time follower of Pickles, said, “I’ve been following Pickles since the account started really. I could be having the worst day, and seeing whatever happy antics Pickles is up to always brightens my day. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.”

On Jan. 17, 2021 Pickles went into cluster gland mal seizures, and has since been in a battle for her life. Mitchell has been giving daily updates on Pickles’ status’, and health.

On Jan. 18, 2021 she said in an update, “She spent the night in the ER. The vet had her stabilized, but knocked out, intubated and placed on a constant anti-seizure drip. She’s considered ‘Status Epilepticus’ meaning the seizures are constant, with no recovery time between; in other words, very dangerous.”

After the constant seizures, Pickles began showing signs of pneumonia, and was put on forced oxygen to help with her breathing while she was intubated. Mitchell started a GoFundMe for Pickles’ medical bills, and so she could get the best help possible, with a goal of $15,000.

It only took about 4 hours for GoFundMe account to raise $20,000, thanks to her social media presence, her followers, and other popular dog account influencers like Doug the Pug, and Daily Dougie. Currently, the GoFundMe sits at a little over $33,000.

Mitchell said, “Thank you for the continuous love and support. And thank you to her amazing team of doctors. Long live Queen Pickles.”

Pickles condition is now stable. She’s back at home now. They’re waiting for her health to improve enough so they can perform an MRI on the sweet pug. Her memory was harmed thanks to seizures, so Mitchell and her family are now working on re-teaching her how to use the stairs and potty train her once again. Her Instagram account is providing followers with daily updates regarding Pickles’ health. 

Photos courtesy of @lil_pickles_da_pug Instagram account.

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