May 25, 2022

Every living being on this planet has relationships as God blessed us with intimate connections with nature, animals, plants, and other human beings. It is our point of view how we would like to treat them.

Some people adopt animals and take care of them as a small kid in their house. Some have a unique intimacy towards nature; they grow with a growing plant. At the same time, some share their best moments with their beloved family and friends.

In the 21st century, people are faking connections. No one knows what a person is feeling from inside. We can see two-faced people around us. That is why before entering any relationship, we ask ourselves is it going to work as a healthy relationship? Would he/she be honest? Sometimes people are traumatized because of fake connections. Some face serious mental issues.

According to EWH Canada, every year approximately 4,000 people die by suicide in Canada, and almost 90 per cent of these individuals have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder.

Relationships are like diamonds. It is imperative to take care of them as a goldsmith, which will preserve them for a long time. Every relationship has its importance, and nobody can deny that. Friends and love have a unique kind of intimacy that we cannot share with our family members. They are one great trait of our lives that helps us to invest in ourselves.

There is no doubt that sometimes we cannot find one perfect match for us. We should invest our time in other activities. We should keep exploring for our inner peace instead of thinking about that friend has a boyfriend or this girl could be the one. Your other half is somewhere around you, and he/she is also looking for you. For the betterment of life, the wait is essential.

We always heard love poetry, watched romantic movies, read romantic novels and stories. That is why we have a different imagination of love. We can also see that some people do not respect relationships, and they always bully others. Those are the people who felt pain, and now they are running away from the reality of life. In today’s world, where technology made our lives easier, we are getting lost, and we are losing our mental peace. We all need someone in our life for listening to us, for being there for us.

There are a lot of people who face daily problems in their relationships. Give your connection some time, talk to them and solve it out. It is very easy to get out of a relationship or to get into a relationship. But you never know what the impact would be on the other person.

We should always keep exploring for people around us, make new friends, and enjoy our lives to the fullest before you get into a relationship because your inner peace is significant for a healthy relationship.

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