October 3, 2022

Students in Waterloo Region are now back to in-class learning as the province brings in additional health measures to control the spread of COVID-19.

Along with the students, many parents in the region are concerned about the safety of their children. School faculty say they are taking enhanced safety measures to maintain a safe environment.

Some of the new measures Ontario has introduced to protect students and staff include: province-wide access to targeted asymptomatic testing for students and staff, mandatory masking requirements, enhanced screening for secondary students and staff, and guidance discouraging students from congregating before and after school.

To further promote health and safety, Ontario has also made an additional $381 million in funding available for schools.

Katie McAdams, a Kitchener mother of two, said she appreciates everything the government is doing to keep children and staff safe at school.

“It’s been a while since we have been stuck in the pandemic, but I think the government is doing a great job. We just need to understand and appreciate their efforts and follow what they are doing for us,” said McAdams.

“I know my children will be safe at school, the school is making sure that all the measures are followed and I’m always after my children to wear the mask, sanitize and be safe,” she added.

Ethan Smith, a student at Huron Heights, said that during recent lockdowns he had been eagerly waiting for schools to reopen.

“I was okay in the beginning when the lockdown was imposed but I never thought it would be for this long though, I’ve been missing school, my friends, hanging at the cafeteria and everything,” said Smith.

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