June 15, 2024

Power to Change (P2C) is a Christian organization that helps students become closer to Jesus, organizing events like conferences, mission trips, events, meetings, retreats, and courses on campuses in Canada and beyond.

“Power to Change’s goal, mission and purpose is to spread the Gospel to university students so no one graduates without hearing the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Taylor said. She further explains the programs that P2C has, including; “Charge”, “Alpha”, discipleship groups, “OutReach”, prayer meetings, among others.

Photo credit to Priscilla Du Preez from Unsplash

Taylor shares her experiences with P2C and how the community helped her, “I really appreciated a purposeful gathering of believers on campus. Coming out of Bible school where I was surrounded by believers who were so intentional about their faith and outspoken, I was kind of nervous going into university because I wasn’t sure what people were going to believe or how they were going to respond to Christianity… I was super pumped to know there was an organization on campus for believers to go. It was nice to know I wasn’t this little Christian tad pole in a huge pond. There were other tad poles with me.”

Spoke talked to Taylor about what her hopes are for people involved in P2C, “I just want people to meet Jesus. Power to Change helped me figure out what I believe in and helped me meet Jesus in different ways. I want that for everyone who comes out to Power to Change.”

Emma Placidi, a nursing student at McMaster University, has been involved with P2C for a couple of years. “Each week we work on different Bible studies,” Placidi said. “We went over this book where we were taught on Evangelicalism and preaching to others on the university campus… We also focused on building a strong Christian community and reaching out to non-Christian friends. I’ve learned a lot about how to build bonds and become closer to people through the connection of God.”

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Placidi adds what Power to Change has taught her, “Being able to sit back on the roots of the Gospel and finding a way to critically apply that to my life, staying true to the fruit of the spirit and applying that to university work and nursing. But to really grow in a purposeful way… and making my faith my own and taking it into my own hands.”

Even though Power to Change isn’t currently having in-person sessions, students are able to meet up online and build their connection with God with each other. The University of Waterloo and Conestoga College are helping those students learn more about Jesus with the opportunity of Power to Change.

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