August 10, 2022

 Most malls have opened up across Ontario and shoppers have been excited to return since the switch into the red zone for most places, including Waterloo Region.

As of Feb. 16, Fairview Mall has opened back up to customers. The mall has an app called Live by CF, which is a map app where customers can tour the building, checking what stores are open or closed, doing curbside pickup, and in-store shopping. The mall has placed social distancing makers along the floor, indicating where the customer should stand when shopping and checking out. 

Fairview Mall’s official website stated that mandatory screening is required when entering the mall in selected entrances. That means there will be a security or sales associate at the door with a list of questions and then you will be scanned for your temperature.

The CF website said, “ Since the beginning of the pandemic we have implemented physical distancing guidance, including traffic flow management, use of PPE and increased cleaning of high touch point surfaces.”

Taya Johnson, 17, said the Foot Locker where she works has a host of safety protocols, including social distancing requirements, mandatory masks and spraying all the shoes after they are worn.

“We have a limit of the number of customers, we spray down all the shoes and steam all the clothing. We have stickers on the ground for social distance and we try to ensure all customers are spaced apart.”

Some stores do have curbside pickup. Other stores, including Foot Locker don’t offer curbside pickup but customers can order online.

Johnson talked about what employees do to ensure safety in the store, saying, “We have to pass the standard questions for COVID-19 and have a temperature check. We must have masks at all times and use hand sanitizer frequently.”

A specific thing their store does is that they can’t hand shoes directly to customers or help un-tie the shoes.

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