August 10, 2022

Winter is still around which may mean you’re staying inside all day so why not watch a movie on Netflix. Fractured is a thriller film that came out in 2019 directed by Brad Anderson. 

This film is filled with mind-twisting events that make you question a lot of different things. It starting with a family of three driving to the grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving. As they are driving, their daughter needs to go to the washroom which makes them stop at some gas station in the middle of nowhere. 

Ending up spilling his coffee in the back seat of the car, Ray (Sam Worthington) hears his daughter’s call for help while she’s on the edge of a construction site with a big drop and a dog is in front of her. 

Ray acts fast by getting a rock and throwing it near the dog to distract it. But his daughter Perry ends up falling and he jumps in to save her. Hitting his head hard on the ground, Ray gets up and the screen starts spinning and looks like something has changed.

His daughter is seemingly fine and is taken to the hospital to get a cat scan. As Ray waits hours for his daughter and wife to come back, he is left with questions as to where they went and what has happened to them. Is he imagining things or is it a reality? From there, everything has switched up and this twisted film will have you guessing what state of mind Ray is in. 

This film was interesting to watch. You could not take your eyes off or else you would miss a clue or something important. This isn’t a film you can put on in the background and tune in when you want; you have to be 100 per cent invested in watching it or it won’t make any sense.

The director has done a very good job in bringing emotion into the film as well as some hunters to get you guessing about what truly happened. The ending will creep you out.

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