May 28, 2022

The New York is a new restaurant and pub located in Cambridge. The owner, Jason York, has a successful construction business but felt Hespeler “needed a bar.” York has lived in Hespeler for the past 20 years and has wanted to open his own bar for the last six years.  

“Before the last owner got it, I really wanted it but I didn’t have the money then,” York explained.  

York has seen many bars come and go over his time in Hespeler and knew he had to have his own when the opportunity presented itself.  

When York flipped on the open sign for the first time he said “I was so proud. Just so so proud.”  

The New York restaurant located in the heart of downtown Hespeler. Photo by Julia McFarlane

York put his construction business, J-1 Installation, on pause for the redesigning and opening of The New York. He gave the restaurant an open and modern feel by removing the old bar and moving it across the restaurant into its own nook, leaving more area for dining and renovated the back of the restaurant to be a pool and darts lounge. The New York also features a massive projector screen where sports games such as hockey and football will be shown. 

Despite opening amid a pandemic, York says it hasn’t affected business. However, The New York is “running to the max we can do because of staff.” York said. “There have been reservations after reservations, but we have to keep cancelling.” He wants guests to “have a comfortable experience.” 

“For the experience that we want, we want to make it enjoyable. Even if we only have 20 people in here, but 20 people enjoy it, that’s better than having 50 people in and having 20 people say I’m not going back there again.” 

Although there are no issues with the restaurant itself, York explained staffing has become a problem for The New York and they’re looking to hire. For any students interested in a part-time or full-time job, The New York is currently hiring for servers and line cooks. You can apply in person at 19 Queen St. or online at 

York is new to the restaurant business. “I’m a construction guy, I never thought I would ever be a bar owner.”  

Despite the new career path, York has high hopes for the future of the business.  

“I’m getting better and better and better,” he says with a smile as he explains his gratitude for his co-workers who have lots of experience in the restaurant business and have helped him along this journey.  

“I just want to give everyone the experience that they deserve. People around here in Hespeler do need something like this… there are so many houses around here but there’s nothing to do.” 

York has high hopes for The New York.  

“I’m just hoping this stays around for a long time and we can serve the people of Hespeler and everywhere.”  

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