June 12, 2024

The Cambridge Christmas Market is officially back to in-person shopping this year when the city holds its event on Dec. 11. Anyone in the community can come shop at the market but there will be health protocols in place.

 This year, the market is being held at Cambridge City Hall and is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission is free but most things in the market will cost money.

The Cambridge Christmas Market is known for its holiday-themed vendors.

 “They’re local crafters, makers, and artisans so knitting products, candles, wood products; it’s a wide range of variety,” said Lisa Whelan, Recreation Coordinator for the City of Cambridge.

Some other things the Cambridge Christmas Market has this holiday season are two food trucks and live entertainment throughout the day.

“We’ve held one event already this year for our winter festival and people were very appreciative to be out at an in-person event,” said Whelan. 

The community is excited to have the in-person event back this year.

“I’m so happy they’re able to do an in-person market this year. It’s a tradition I’ve been missing since the pandemic started,” said Karen Millard, who enjoys going to the market every year.

If there are people in the community who are still uncomfortable being in person, there is an online Christmas market that will be running until Dec. 20.

“People can shop right from the comfort of their own home with the same vendors that will be there on Saturday,” said Whelan. 

Although the city is excited to be hosting this event, the health restrictions have made it difficult to plan because they had to be vigilant to adjust to the changes.

“It was very different than it normally is; it was challenging definitely,” said Whelan. “We were able to come up with a plan but like most of us we’ve had to change our plan a couple of times.”

Millard appreciates the effort the city has put in for this event to happen.

“I think they’ve done a great job leading up to the event on Saturday. I’m really looking forward to going and seeing all the vendors,” said Millard.

For more information on the city’s winter festival and the Christmas market, go to the Cambridge Celebrates page.

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