April 24, 2024

Some people in Brampton are upset with the timing of the upcoming municipal elections as voting day on Oct. 24 clashes with the Hindu New Year festival of Diwali.

“Had it been Christmas or Good Friday, I’m sure the voting wouldn’t take place,” said Seema Soni, a resident of the city.

There have been several meetings and Facebook pages created to sign up for anti-voting rallies and letter writing campaigns from Brampton residents who are unhappy with the voting date.

“I don’t understand why people speak of cultural diversity and respecting every culture in Canada when they do not give an auspicious festival like Diwali the importance that it deserves,” said Ritika Singh, a student studying sociology at Sheridan College.

If it were any other region, where the Indian population is not as big as Brampton, the chances of elections clashing with Diwali would likely have received less attention. But since this city is occupied with a group that strongly voices their concerns and wants the elections to be postponed, there were talks that considered the same.

“If basic concerns like this are not heard, then what is the point of voting anyway?” said Josephine Joy, an elementary school teacher.

Diwali is an important event for many Hindus and Sikhs as they all take leaves to get together with their families and have a quiet lunch over cards and lighting crackers by the end of the day.

This year, there hasn’t been any change of dates seen for the upcoming elections.

Many residents cast an early vote last week, while others are still upset about the fact that the dates are clashing.

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