June 12, 2024

The Conestoga Condors men’s basketball team has redeemed themselves with their first win of the season against the Redeemer Royals on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023, at the Doon campus Recreation Centre. Effectively ending the team’s three-game loss streak with a final score of 87 – 63.

 “It feels amazing after a couple of losses in a row, you know, we bounced back,” said starter player, Ozay Davis.

Wednesday night’s game kicked off with a three-point jump shot made by number 20 Adam Eicholz, giving the Condors a leading advantage. By the end of the first quarter, the Condors were up by 24 points, with the Royals trailing close behind at 20 points.

“At the beginning of the game, we usually start off with our energy low and today, I believe we started off a little bit higher,” said Davis, “I felt that was a big impact on the game.”

Moving into the second quarter, the Redeemer Royals managed to tie up the score 35 – 35; however, the Conestoga Condors quickly regained the lead, maintaining it until the end of the fourth quarter.

Conestoga’s number 11 Frank Gyamfi was the team’s highest-scoring player, scoring 23 points, followed by number six Ozay Davis with 21 points, and number three Hadi El Miari with 11 points.

“We made shots,” said assistant coach Tim Doyle, “when we moved the ball well, it created open shots, and we made them.”

While Doyle congratulated the team on their performance, he says there is still room for improvement, “I think we can improve by just being more disciplined on both sides of the floor,” said Doyle.

As for the players, Davis says the celebrations will have to wait as the team prepares for the rest of the season, “This is just the first dub,” said Davis, “obviously it’s great to have a first win, but we still got some work to do.”

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