April 13, 2024

Five gardening tips for beginners

The arrival of spring brings many seasonal delights to Waterloo Region. It signals the end of long Canadian winters, the beginning of warm weather, and many spring activities. One of the most popular, is gardening. Gardening can be daunting for beginners who are not quite sure where to start. For students, the benefits of developing this skill are vast. The height of exam season is now a reality for students … Continued

AUDIO: Will the 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan follow through on its promises?

The federal government unveiled Canada’s next steps to combat climate change with the 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan. This plan outlines steps to create a cleaner future for Canadians both environmentally, and economically. The goal is for Canada to reach an emissions reduction target of 40 to 45 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, and net-zero levels by 2050. This is not Canada’s first kick at the can for climate change … Continued

OPINION: Does Ryan Reynold’s character in The Adam Project feel a little too familiar?

Beloved actor Ryan Reynolds stars in his first Netflix original film, The Adam Project, which released earlier this month on March 11. The movie is an action-packed sci-fi adventure featuring time travel, high-tech equipment, and an interesting take on where the future of science and physics might lead us in our technological developments. Apart from Reynolds, the cast is star-studded with other household names like Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. … Continued

The World of Bodybuilding: “My world revolved around my diet and the gym and that’s it.”

Charlotte McCord, Conestoga alumni, is a nutrition and fitness coach at Proactive Fitness in Cambridge. McCord has enjoyed her career as a coach for many years but in her early twenties she thought she might pursue a different career path. Just after her 21st birthday, McCord competed in the bikini division at her first, and last, bodybuilding competition. She trained rigorously for 16 weeks prior to the competition and engaged … Continued

OPINION: Commuting costs can put students in a tough spot financially

The long-awaited return to campus is finally a reality for me and many Conestoga students. Almost all classes have returned to in-person after nearly two years of online work, and it’s been an interesting experience to say the least. I was shocked to find out last semester that my Journalism classes would take place at the downtown Kitchener Campus. Up until then I expected to be heading to the Doon … Continued

‘Fun’ manager lifts spirits for residents at retirement home in Cambridge

The pandemic has forced many people to lead a more isolated lifestyle. This can lead to unpleasant emotions, mental health declines, and feelings of loneliness. Some of the people who are most at risk reside in facilities that provide care for seniors. From January to June of 2019, the percentage of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression was 11 per cent. By January 2021, that number had increased to … Continued

Return to in-person classes will be phased in for Conestoga students

Conestoga Collage will use a phased-in approach for returning to in-person classes on campus. Before the winter semester began, many online classes were to remain that way until Jan. 31, when students would finally be able to attend in-person classes on campus. “To reduce the number of people on campus and help limit the pressure on strained community and health system resources for the next few weeks, the college will … Continued

Future nurses say they have adapted to ‘new normal’ despite challenges of learning in a pandemic

A month before the winter semester, news hit for Conestoga students that class would remain online for January. While the continuation of remote learning was troubling for lots of students, can programs that require extra practical learning experiences afford any more remote learning? Practical Nursing is one of Conestoga’s many programs that require students to learn from experience. This program has students completing field placements for most of the time … Continued

Why your tree this year may not embody a traditional Christmas

Christmas tree farms are struggling more than ever this year with the high demand for evergreens. An alternative species may be your best bet this holiday season. The demand for Christmas trees is skyrocketing in North America. From new Canadians embracing the Christmas tradition, to others embracing a more environmentally friendly approach, Christmas tree farms have had to make some changes to their business. Thomas Morelli, co-owner of Andrew’s tree … Continued

Some teachers and students resent remote learning on snow days

Students in Waterloo Region will be expected to participate in remote learning on snow days. Materials will be available via Google classroom and the content will be a review work of previous lessons, according to Abby O’Leary. O’Leary, a Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School teacher, says that she is not a fan of the system. “I think it stinks for the kids because as a student, snow days were always … Continued

Environmentalist cleans up Kitchener neighbourhood

Night settles over Huron Village and the residents emerge to put their trash on the curb. However, trash day here also means excess garbage, furniture waste, and lack of recycling. Miranda Powell, a resident and environmentalist, decided it was time to make a difference in her community. “I noticed how bad the garbage here was when I first moved in,” said Powell. “Weeks would go on with no change and … Continued

What does it mean to have a ‘COVID’ wedding?

The transition from fall to winter is almost here, which also means the end of an unorthodox wedding season. COVID-19 protocols have affected many couples who planned to get married during a worldwide pandemic. Shortening guest lists, unhappy family members, and vaccination protocols have all become normal aspects of wedding planning in 2021. Any couple who has had the unruly task of planning a wedding during this time knows that … Continued