January 17, 2019

JONY is a triple threat in the local music industry

Jonathan Mansilla, known as JONY, has become a triple threat in the music industry. A talented singer, songwriter and producer, JONY has opened his own recording studio and is passionate about helping others explore their creativity and musical talents.

No justice for Tori Stafford

EDITORIAL By Jessica Towriss Beaten, raped and murdered. Those are three words you never want to hear but they will haunt Tori Stafford’s family forever. Tori was only eight years old when she was abducted walking home from a school in Woodstock on April 8, 2009. She was lured away by a woman who dangled the promise of seeing a puppy in front of her. After being missing for almost … Continued

Safe injection sites – are they really safe?

EDITORIAL By Jessica Towriss Dangerous, disruptive, enabling and controversial. Those four words describe safe injection sites in Canada. In response to a rising drug crisis, cities have implemented safe injection sites in order to reduce incidents of public drug use and to provide a hygienic environment in which individuals are able to consume illicit recreational drugs intravenously. Injection sites are publicly funded facilities and last year alone they secured a … Continued

Legalized cannabis just weeks away

By Jessica Towriss, Spoke News With Canada’s legalization of marijuana effective Oct. 17, many citizens are concerned about how the Region of Waterloo is going to regulate and control these changes. With billions of dollars invested, Canada is scurrying to ready itself before the legalization occurs. There has been much preparation for this day and the Waterloo Regional Police Service has indicated it is ready to tackle the legalization head-on. … Continued