October 24, 2021

On Wednesday, April 10, 2019, TheMuseum in Kitchener, Ont., launched a petition to bring menstrual equity to the KW region. The purpose of the petition is to have menstrual care products provided, without cost, in municipally owned buildings across the region to benefit those in need or without these products.

The idea sparked by Flow: The Menstruation Exhibition, which focused on ending the stigma surrounding menstruation.  

With a goal of 1,000 signatures, the petition hopes to raise awareness about how many women don’t have the resources to take care of their basic menstrual care needs.

“It was in understanding these needs within our community that brought up the discussion as to making menstrual care products more readily available to community residents within all public buildings,” said Shannon Godelie, digital and communications manager for TheMuseum. “TheMuseum is happy to provide leadership in driving this conversation.”

Menstrual care petition graphic courtesy of TheMuseum

The petition also notes that different countries and cities around the world have come to accept that these products are a basic need for women and should be available in dispensers within the restrooms of various public areas in our communities.

City council in London, Ont., recently voted unanimously to embrace a citizen-led push for menstrual equity in community centres, arenas, pools and all other publicly accessible city buildings by stocking free pads and tampons for those who need them. TheMuseum hopes the Kitchener-Waterloo region can follow suit.

“With models for change already in place in London, Toronto and British Columbia, we know this is possible. If Region residents come together as a united voice, we will be heard and change can begin to take place,” said Godelie.

“We’re a community of thought leaders and it’s up to our residents to rally together to be on the forefront of change within Canada.”

In partnership with Title Sponsor, Diva International, and Supporting Sponsor, Shoppers Drug Mart, TheMuseum has already started taking the initiative in providing menstrual care products free to visitors in their washrooms.

Those wishing to add their names to the petition may do so here.

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