January 25, 2022

The mystery behind the mask: how to prevent and treat acne

The pandemic has left marks on lives in a myriad of ways – some of those marks are being left on faces. Acne from wearing masks, coined as “maskne,” has been a new issue many people have had to deal with. When wearing a mask for a long period of time, sweat, oil, and bacteria become trapped – creating a breeding ground for breakouts. Skin professionals, like Sofia Awani, owner … Continued

Cambridge Winter Illumination installations spark joy in the community

The City of Cambridge brought back a community favourite, the Winter Illumination, to kick off this year’s holiday season. The decorative light installations spread across the city aim to bring the community together and add some light to these dark winter nights. According to the City of Cambridge website, Winter Illumination was brought back “by popular demand,” and will shine brighter with more installations than last year. Some installations will … Continued

VIDEO: Snowflakes are falling, warm clothing is calling: these are the trends to watch out for

Just as summer tires are being swapped out for winter tires, wardrobes are experiencing the same switch – jackets, sweaters, and boots are coming out from the back of the closet again after their summer slumber. Those interested in fashion will be looking at what trends will influence their style selections this season, such as earth tones, shackets, and plaid pieces.

AUDIO: #Purple4Prevention: How Conestoga College, Wilfrid Laurier University, and the University of Waterloo are opening dialogue about sexual and gender-based violence

Conestoga College, Wilfrid Laurier, the University of Waterloo, and the Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC) in Waterloo are teaming up to wear #Purple4prevention. Earlier this month, they sold shirts to raise awareness about sexual and gender-based violence because they will be part of the Global 16 Days Campaign. Shirts were sold until Nov. 17, but those who were unable to purchase a shirt can still donate to SASC, or wear … Continued

AUDIO: Conestoga alumni helps forge a pathway for women in trades

Conestoga alumni Clarice Ward has been named one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 for 2021, by the Women’s Executive Network (WXN). Ward’s dedication to encouraging women to join the trades industry and guiding them through it, has inspired women that now find themselves with a hammer in hand at Conestoga. Ward had taken the Women in Skilled Trades and Carpenter Apprenticeship programs at Conestoga, leading to an interest … Continued

Cambridge Poppy Project covers city in a sea of red crochet

Crocheters put their hooks together around the world to support veterans for Remembrance Day. More than 33,000 crochet poppies were donated to the Cambridge Poppy Project, an art installation spread across the city to honour those who served Canada. After a trip to Niagara in November 2020, Jayne Herring was inspired by the Niagara Poppy Project, which collected 11,000 crochet poppies for their installation at the Niagara Falls History Museum. … Continued

Lions, tigers, and super heroes, oh my – what costumes are people donning this year?

With Halloween lurking around the corner like a ghost in a haunted house, costumes are starting to be snatched off the shelves. Whether it’s one to give a fright or one that’s comfy all night, the possibilities are endless – maybe a princess, someone from Star Wars, or a horror movie character. But some costumes offend by mocking someone else’s culture. While there are some classic Halloween characters seen every … Continued

The tradespeople of tomorrow: are they getting the best learning today?

Online teaching has changed the way students learn and are exposed to their future careers – especially for hands-on industries, like the trades. With a shortage of tradespeople, those in the industry wonder if the students who will work alongside them, eventually replacing them, will have enough experience to get the job done. For many of the trades programs at Conestoga, theory based classes are being taught online through Zoom. … Continued

Luster & Oak brings thrifters together for their largest Night Market yet

Witnessing a lineup of people waiting to take their turn shopping isn’t an uncommon sight these days – usually, it’s for something more mundane, like groceries. But on Sept., 26 in uptown Waterloo, a lineup decorated King St. N., for an event: Luster & Oak’s Night Market. Luster & Oak, originally known as Unit 5 before rebranding in 2010, is a vintage consignment boutique on King St. in Waterloo. Proximity … Continued

College and university students are getting inked after isolation: here’s the trends they’re into

With restrictions lifted once more in Ontario, tattoo shops have reopened – booked and busier than ever. College and university students have been flooding towards the shops, eager to poke their skin with the most popular tattoo trends, from minimalist flowers to the bold colours of American traditional. Part of the reason tattoo shops have been so busy lately, is because of backed up appointments; clients whose appointments have been … Continued

Kitchener woman’s jewelry business gives back to the community

“Handful” of Conestoga students support Montclaire and its mission During COVID-19, many people have started their own businesses to fill up their spare time, and their pockets. In the midst of the pandemic, a Kitchener woman attending University of Guelph, started a jewelry business for customers to look good and feel good – 10 per cent of every purchase gets donated to a local charity. Montclaire – a name derived … Continued