December 15, 2018

Kicking off fall at Strom’s Farm

BY JOSH PEDERSON Autumn got underway on Sept. 22, but you might not be aware of the new season. No one would blame you, all the usual signs that signify the arrival of fall are maintaining a low profile as many people enjoyed the extended summer heat over the usual chilly autumn breeze. However, that has not stopped one Guelph farm from bringing all the fun festivities of fall for … Continued

Get mellow on Mondays

BY MICHELLE MAISONVILLE It can be hard to find time to relax with constant assignments, tests and projects that need to be done for school but Conestoga Student Inc. has started a new event aimed at focusing on student wellness. Jeff Scherer, CSI president, said in previous years CSI held The Yellow Umbrella Project as their mental health awareness campaign but this year the board of directors decided they needed … Continued

Enjoy being a kid again

BY MARK LORENTZ The worst part about tobogganing was always going up the hill. Eventually your legs would give out and even in minus 20 degree weather you would start to break a sweat. All of that is a thing of the past at Chicopee Tube Park. Six chutes, each 250 feet in height and 900 feet in length, bring back memories of your childhood when life was easy and … Continued