November 16, 2018

Bookstore offers different price points

By REBECCA SOARES Not all establishments consider their relationships with students. Some stores don’t offer student discounts or the discount only saves the students a few dollars, but that isn’t the case with Conestoga College’s Bookstore. “We keep in mind that students have a budget and we try to offer lots of different price points,” said Grace Sham, Bookstore communications specialist. Conestoga students also have the option to purchase new … Continued

Authors share stories and bring awareness

BY JOY STRUTHERS Festival Sunday in Eden Mills showcases Canada’s writers and publishers and the topics they care most about. Nestled in the Eramosa River Valley just outside of Guelph, the picturesque village provides a perfect backdrop for spoken word, storytelling and song. The publishers and booksellers line the main street of Eden Mills with tables full of books, magazines and art and many of the authors read from their … Continued

Children should read daily

BY JOE WEPPLER According to, 42 per cent of Canadian adults between the ages of 16 and 65 have low literacy skills. As recently as 2013, Statistics Canada found that not even a quarter of work-aged respondents scored above level 3 – the minimum level of proficiency – on the International Adult Literacy Survey. According to professionals, the key to increasing the literacy rate in Canada is simple. Introduce … Continued

It was an epic battle – about books

BY RACHEL ROY A war with words took place at a Battle of the Books competition on Oct. 7 in Waterloo. The Waterloo Reads program, organized by the Waterloo Public Library, featured a literary throw down with local celebrities debating which book they presented, was better. The best part was the audience got to choose who had the better argument. Battle of the Books was held at the Hauser Haus, … Continued

Ban book banning

In April, someone asked the Toronto Public Library to ban the children’s book Hop on Pop because he or she thought it encouraged children to use violence against their fathers. This isn’t the first time someone has wanted a book to be banned, and it won’t be the last. Some of these requests have been granted. Just last year, a library in Florida banned the book Fifty Shades of Grey … Continued

Something old, something new

By BRUCE CHESSELL Books and music go together like butter and toast. Everyone loves to listen to their favourite album while they flip through the pages of a good read, but rarely do you ever see a place that has a wide variety of music and a great selection of books. Millpond Records is one of the exceptions, having merged these two worlds together for your pleasure. Husband and wife … Continued

Divergent makes for an easy read

BY DEVON HAYES If you are a fan of The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner, Divergent should be right up your alley. The biggest hype right now in fiction is Veronica Roth’s Divergent series. With the upcoming March release of the first book’s film adaptation, it seemed fitting to give the first of the young adult novels a shot. Roth was just in her early 20s when she wrote … Continued