November 18, 2018

Does Canada treat international students fairly?

EDITORIAL By Saifullah Muhammad Every year, the country – and the community of Kitchener-Waterloo – benefit from the arrival of thousands of international students from around the world. For the most part the relationship is mutually beneficial. Canadian educational institutions benefit financially and culturally from international students coming to study here, and many students also get the academic and cross-cultural experience they have left home for. However, the price of … Continued

Abhorrent speech at education institutions puts the spirit of free speech under threat

EDITORIAL By Ahmad Khan Repugnant and unfettered speech at education institutions might very well end up defeating the purpose of free speech. Free speech is one of the pillars of a democratic, liberal society. Its stated aim is to be able to talk up to power, hold rulers to account  and to foster an environment where people are able to express their ideas and opinions fully without fear of persecution from … Continued

Police have to stop shooting people

BY MIKE TURCOTTE-MCCUSKER When people think about the worst developed countries for police-on-civilian violence, the United States usually tops the list, but not many people would guess that Canada is the second worst offender. This is according to a story in the Newfoundland and Labrador Independent titled: Stop the Killing: Fatal police shootings in Canada. It’s our belief that this issue should be getting more attention in this country. What’s … Continued

We’re not kidding, goat milk is great

BY NICOLE CLARK  America is the third-largest goat milk producing continent in the world, with 64.3 litres of milk produced per goat. Ontario is the largest goat milk producing province in Canada. According to a 2015 statistic, Ontario is home to 245 of Canada’s 387 goat milk producers. The largest Ontario goat herd has approximately 1,200 goats, where the usual number is 60 to 400 on a dairy goat farm. … Continued

Alan Doyle returns to Kitchener

BT NICOLE CLARK Alan Doyle continued his So Let’s Go tour with his second Canadian show in Kitchener at Centre in the Square on March 29, entertaining 1,800 audience members. The show was one Doyle had been looking forward to for quite some time. “Kitchener is the biggest one, so this is the one I have had my eye on. This is the biggest gig, almost 2,000 people coming tonight,” … Continued

Not everyone is celebrating Canada’s 150th

BY MEGHAN WEATHERALL When you hear Canada is celebrating 150 years of being a country, what do you think of? Do you picture a Canadian goose honking while it swims in a nearby river or Canada’s red and white flag? Does it take you back to history class where you learned about Confederation and the wars our military fought in? It can be easily agreed upon that Canada is a … Continued

Trusting journalists and the news

BY MATTHEW EVANGELISTA The climate between the public and political journalism has changed. With a vast number of publications and a more visible publication bias in the minds of readers, the average citizen is having a harder time finding news they can trust. “Also, online news has muddied the waters (regarding) what they trust and who they can trust,” said Nick Taylor-Vaisey, the national director of The Canadian Association of … Continued

Portrait project celebrates Canada’s 150th

BY SHARON SAMUEL The residents of Waterloo have made self-portraits as a birthday present to Canada for its 150th year. The We are Waterloo Portrait Project was an initiative of the City of Waterloo’s art and culture team to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday this year. The project conducted workshops which began last year in January and were held throughout 2016 across the city on various days. The public was encouraged … Continued

Millard’s girlfriend gets off easy

BY CASSIDY FOULDS The Dellen Millard case has kept Ontarians on their toes for years. The case has been just as gripping as the Robert Pickton or Paul Bernardo cases, and is shrouded in mystery and confusion. New trials, new information and new developments seem to crop up every few months, keeping the story front and centre, and keeping the Bosma family in our hearts and prayers. Tim Bosma of … Continued

First Nations fights back

By MATTHEW EVANGELISTA On Nov. 30 an aboriginal community took their fight to the Supreme Court of Canada saying The National Energy Board does not have the right to decide how First Nations land is used. For 40 years the Canadian government has used The National Energy Board (NEB) to get around opening discussion with First Nations on the topic of what the government can do on their land concerning … Continued

Pregnant women ‘often treated terribly’ in Canada

BY ANDREW BENNEY A kind, polite bedside manner is what all patients should receive from their doctor. This is Canada and that is simply expected. When you entrust someone with your health and well-being, quite literally sometimes putting your life in his or her hands, you hope that person would not take advantage of their position by treating you in anything but a dignified and respectful way. Yet despite this … Continued