December 15, 2018

Blood-curdling screams heard at Screampark

By Tyler Medeiros The suspense grew as I walked through the pitch black forest. My only source of light was the dull moon as it peeked through the treetops. As I continued the faint sound of carnival music could be heard in the distance. I walked toward the music following the gravel path. Finally, I saw it, the entrance to an old carnival. The paint was chipped off of the … Continued

Step right up

BY MEGHAN WEATHERALL Take a step back in history with THEMUSEUM’s travelling carnival exhibit. Step Right Up: The Travelling Carnival in Canada looks back on how this country’s travelling carnivals and midways have shaped our entertainment and agriculture. It all started when two men met back in the 1920s. Originally they performed shows across the U.S., but they decided to move their act to Canada. “Conklin and Garrett were partners, … Continued