October 21, 2018

Pets are not presents

By ASHLEY SPRAGUE Every Christmas thousands of young animals are given as gifts; kittens found in stockings, puppies with crimson, red bows on their heads, all found by their unexpecting, new owners on Christmas morning. Some of these new additions to the family may work out, most, however, do not. Marisa Kelland has been a volunteer at Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) for four years. The popular cat rescue and adoption … Continued

Agency has a giving spirit

BY MELISSA HORTON Every holiday season, heartwarming stories come out in the news about communities helping families in need. These families are struggling to make ends meet and need help in buying gifts for their loved ones. However, the need is so great that some people are overlooked. One Kitchener company has stepped in to help. Thresholds, a non-profit community mental health agency, works with mental health clients as well … Continued

Financial future is gloomy

BY RILEY LINSEMAN A financial report released by the Finance Department last month suggests that Canadians’ wallets will be taking a hit once again. The report is looking ahead to 2050 and beyond, making many predictions about the country’s finances. The Liberals have been known to be big spenders and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t changing that perception. Looking as little as eight years ahead (2025), Andy Blatchford, a Canadian … Continued

Cups cause controversy

BY DEEANNA ROLLINS Since 1997 Starbucks has had a different design for their holiday cups. Last year, they had the plain red cups, which were apparently too subtlety inclusive of other religions and cultures because the cups didn’t blatantly say Merry Christmas. People were going to Starbucks and asking for “Merry F**king Christmas” on their cups in order for them to unashamedly flaunt their religion and beliefs to the world. … Continued

He’s making a list and checking it twice

BY ROBERT JANES Christmas is only a few weeks away. At Conestoga College, students were asked whether they believed they would be on Santa’s naughty or nice list. “I’d like to think I’m on the nice list,” said Andrew Dron, a second-year recreation and leisure studies student. “I always put others before myself and I try to help out anyone in any way I can.” The common response among students … Continued

Ho, ho, ho, rain turns to snow

By DeeAnna Rollins Fifty-eight years. That’s how long Santa Claus has been coming to town for the annual K-W Santa Claus Parade. However, this year, he came in the rain rather than the snow. People, young and old alike, scattered along King Street to watch the jolly old man float along the parade route, waving and ho-ho-ho-ing to all of the shivering – yet, still smiling – children. They were … Continued

Tree of Hope Christmas campaign underway

BY RILEY LINSEMAN Are you someone who celebrates Christmas? Think of your daily routine every year on Christmas Day. You wake up extra early in the morning (if you were able to sleep at all), race downstairs as fast as you can to see all the presents under the tree and then, if your parents (or whoever it is you may be living with) aren’t up already, you immediately go … Continued

Christkindl Market Dec. 1-4

BY MEGHAN WEATHERALL Kitchener’s Victoria Park will be filled Dec. 1 with carolers bundled up in coats and mitts, who will encircle a newly lit tree filled with dazzling Christmas lights. From there these hundreds of market attendees will march toward Kitchener City Hall, where over 90 vendors will serve traditional German cuisine and sell knickknacks and hot chocolate. A welcome ceremony will be held that includes a prologue by … Continued

Trees for toys a fun fundraiser

BY JENNA BRAUN Each December, approximately 1,200 people from all over Waterloo Region gather inside 508 Riverbend Dr., a seemingly typical commercial office building. Garlands and sparkling décor hang all over the large, open reception area with twinkling yellow lights trickling down the spiral staircase. Realtors from Coldwell Banker Peter Benninger Realty (CBPBR) invite their clients once a year to join them at their brokerage for a good cause: Trees … Continued

Giving back this Christmas

BY MARISSA CUDDY Christmas isn’t just about getting presents, it is about spending time with family and giving back to others in need. There are many organizations in and around Kitchener looking for donations this month and next. Giving back doesn’t just mean donating – there are lots of other things people can do like open a door for a stranger, help someone across the road, smile or volunteer somewhere. … Continued

Great gift ideas to woo him and her

BY MATT LINSEMAN It’s tough coming up with a great gift idea for your boyfriend or girlfriend during the holiday season. However, you can warm her heart and rock his socks off with some of these unique ideas for presents. A couple of seasonal stores at Conestoga Mall are only here for a limited time but have excellent gift ideas for your significant other. Calendar Club is a seasonal retailer … Continued

What does Christmas really mean?

BY JESSICA PETT Christmas is a holiday that was once both a religious holiday and a cherished, family-filled time with memories and tradition. Now it is cursed with the obsessive need to give and receive material items. A once holistic, heart-warming holiday has become commercialized. Consumers of all shapes and sizes pile into shopping malls and stores across the world to find the perfect Christmas gifts for their loved ones. … Continued