December 15, 2018

High driving

BY VERONICA REINER We’ve known the date for a long time. Marijuana will become legal in Canada on July 1, 2018, bringing a whole new set of rules, regulations and questions. What should be the set minimum age to smoke pot? How much should it cost? But among these, one issue seems more difficult to solve than the others: How should driving while high be monitored and dealt with? Driving … Continued

Distracted driving still a big problem

BY JASON MOTA Distracted driving is a problem that we have been trying hard to solve for decades now – in fact, as of September, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation has started trying a little harder. If you are caught by a police officer talking or texting on any hand-held device while driving, the penalty is an automatic three demerit points and a fine of up to $1,000. If you … Continued

New traffic laws could cost you

BY ASHLEY NEQUEST Many Ontario residents have been adjusting to new driving regulations since Sept. 1, the day they came into effect. However, others aren’t even aware that changes were made. One of the biggest changes was to the consequences for those violating the distracted driving law. Prior to Sept. 1, drivers were subject to a $60 to $500 fine. There is now a mandatory $490 fine as well as … Continued

Texting takes lives

BY MARYSSA MCFADDEN It’s Friday night, you’re headed out to meet your friends and you’re running later than you had planned. As you’re driving down the darkened road at a comfortable 50 km/h you realize you forgot to tell your friends that you’ll be late to dinner. You grab your phone and send a quick message telling them not to order without you. It’s harmless and you only took your … Continued

Red light camera: Proceed with caution

BY AARON CRECES You’re approaching the intersection at a speed of 50 km/h when you see the sign that warns you of a camera ahead. The light turns yellow as you approach and you begin braking, but the person driving the pickup in the lane beside you has other plans. Flooring it, he races to beat the red, but the light changes just before he hits the intersection and he … Continued