February 23, 2019

Choose the best candidate

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario has had a chaotic few months that resulted in Doug Ford being named Tory leader, and thus, becoming a candidate in the 2018 Ontario general election. Already people are showing their distaste for the former city councillor and brother of the late, infamous Rob Ford, by encouraging their fellow Ontarians to vote for “anyone but him.” Anyone but him, even though the current Liberal … Continued

Hydro showdown

BY SCOTT BLINKHORN Ontarians have been crying for relief from the squeeze put on them by rising hydro rates. On March 2, Premier Kathleen Wynne delivered. One can hardly blame people if they choose to look this gift horse in the mouth, as it turns out it has rotten teeth and a bad leg. The summer will see electricity prices cut by 17 per cent for residential customers, which will … Continued

Go ahead and protest Trump’s election, but make sure you do it peacefully

BY SHARON SAMUEL After a dramatic U.S. election, President Donald Trump has finally entered the White House, which I am definitely not happy about. The only thing that kept me going with all this drama was the Obama-Biden memes. I do not know how much the Americans enjoyed those memes, but I loved every one of them. With violent protests happening in the U.S. after Trump was sworn in, I … Continued

Racism is still rampant in U.S.

BY WENDY HUENUL-VALDES For four years now, ever since the death of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of the man who shot him, racial tensions in the United States have been high. With the help of social media, the Black Lives Matter movement hit everyone’s phone screens and, like all movements, there was opposition. People who thought they were helping and trying to unify the country (I’m assuming they had … Continued

Clinton’s been Trumped

BY DEEANNA ROLLINS Never in modern history has an American election affected Canadians the way the 2016 election has. People are full of fear, heartache, loathing and mainly disbelief. Nineteen months ago Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for President of the United States of America. Seventeen months ago Donald Trump did the same. And thus the giant pot we know of as the presidential election was stirred. Emails were deleted, … Continued

The best of the worst

BY ROLAND FLEMING It is now just one day before the U.S. election. The American people especially, but also many around the world, are waiting in anticipation to see the outcome. This election certainly seems to be causing a lot more concern than any in recent history. Uniquely, it is an election in which both candidates have record high disapproval ratings. The question is, how do you vote in such … Continued

Voter apathy must end

BY CARMEN PONCIANO Thousands gathered for the funeral of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo in Hamilton on Oct. 28, many struggling to come to terms with his senseless death. Cirillo was the soldier who was shot during the attack on Parliament Hill, dying at the National War Memorial in Ottawa on Oct. 22. Many felt it was their duty to be present at the funeral in order to express their sympathy and … Continued

Voting problems need to be addressed

BY JOSH BURY Whenever someone is denied a vote, whether accidentally or on purpose, it should be a matter of concern for everyone in that electorate. The issue that prevented some students from voting in the Conestoga Students Inc. board of directors election appears to be an accident. Some students did not receive an email with a link to vote on March 24. The issue was supposedly completely resolved after … Continued

Vote today for Board of Governors’ student member

BY JODY ANDERSON An election for a student member for the Conestoga’s Board of Governors will determine who the voice of the student population is. Voting, which began April 4, ends April 7. All students should have recieved an email with a link allowing them to vote. The candidates are Joshua Bonnar, a student in the applied health information science program, Len Meyer, a student in the business administration – … Continued

Shakeup looms in Quebec

BY SCOTT DIETRICH While Quebecers are preparing for a provincial election in October, the incumbent, Pauline Marois, is forgetting the one element of a campaign that makes it a success. Timing. Lately Marois has been flipping and flopping, portraying herself first as a separatist and then a federalist. First she wanted a referendum on making Quebec a sovereign nation, but now she is avoiding the topic. After bringing Quebec businessman … Continued

Polls open today to elect CSI board of directors

BY JOSH BURY Students will head to the polls this week to elect the Conestoga Students Inc. board of directors for the 2014-2015 academic year. Voting takes place this week online. It will be accessible through a link in an email to school email addresses that will be sent by CSI. Each student can select up to eight candidates on their ballot. No current directors are running, and the only … Continued