December 15, 2018

The future of electronic learning

By Tyler Medeiros Grade 9 students in eight Ontario high schools were given a Chromebook last month, which is theirs to keep for the rest of their high school years. The Google-powered laptops, which are to be used in the classroom and to do homework, are part of a two-year pilot project. All tests, assignments and lessons will be online, and teachers are receiving training on how to properly use … Continued

Liars’ ‘Mess’ is organized

By JODY ANDERSON The group Liars creates strange, unique and mostly creepy records. They have since their debut album They Threw Us All In A Trench and Stuck A Monument On Top in 2001, which was a punk album with some odds twists and turns that hinted they weren’t another run of the mill group. They proved that with their next release, They Were Wrong, So We Drowned, a chant-filled … Continued