December 14, 2018

U.S. statements about lifetime bans concern medical marijuana users

By Niall McCrossan, Spoke News Canadians will be denied entry to the United States for using marijuana legally, working in Canada’s legal marijuana industry and for investing in the industry, according to a senior U.S. Customs and Border Protection official. Executive assistant commissioner for the office of field operations, Todd Owen, said last week that the U.S. does not plan on changing its policies to account for the legalization of … Continued

Legalized cannabis just weeks away

By Jessica Towriss, Spoke News With Canada’s legalization of marijuana effective Oct. 17, many citizens are concerned about how the Region of Waterloo is going to regulate and control these changes. With billions of dollars invested, Canada is scurrying to ready itself before the legalization occurs. There has been much preparation for this day and the Waterloo Regional Police Service has indicated it is ready to tackle the legalization head-on. … Continued

Pot programs coming

By JOSH PEDERSON The Liberal government’s legislation on the legalization of recreational marijuana is right around the corner and soon, eager consumers will have full access to the piquant plant. The new law will allow users over the age of 19 to purchase up to 28 grams of marijuana for their personal consumption within a private residence. In Ontario, marijuana operations will be regulated by the Liquor Control Board of … Continued

Legalizing pot

BY JOSH PEDERSON The Trudeau government’s legislation on the legalization of marijuana is fast approaching, with the purchase and consumption of the earthy green substance scheduled to begin in July. It is a move that has Canadians speculating as to whether this direction is one of calculated judgement regarding the future of the country and its economy, or if it is an impulsive leap into a vast uncharted realm by … Continued

High driving

BY VERONICA REINER We’ve known the date for a long time. Marijuana will become legal in Canada on July 1, 2018, bringing a whole new set of rules, regulations and questions. What should be the set minimum age to smoke pot? How much should it cost? But among these, one issue seems more difficult to solve than the others: How should driving while high be monitored and dealt with? Driving … Continued

Canada to legalize marijuana

BY ANDREW BENNEY The Liberal government revealed that it will be announcing legislation later this month that will see marijuana legalized across Canada by July 1 of next year. The legislation is expected to be made public this week, with some sources stating that April 20, a renowned calendar date where marijuana enthusiasts all choose to smoke at the same time, will be the time of the release. However, with … Continued

Pot service centre opens in Guelph

BY PAUL BOREHAM Comfy “service centres” have been established by one of the largest producers of medical marijuana in the country. Tweed Inc. calls these centres Better by Tweed, with three locations: Guelph, Hamilton and Etobicoke. It’s a face-to-face connection between grower and user. “Patients can go in and get services, get registered, get information, have a community event there, learn more about the product and about the business,” said … Continued

Don’t try for brownie points at work

BY NATHAN BROWN Two public works staff were fired by the City of Hamilton on Jan. 14 after they brought pot brownies to a public works yard, and shared them with an unknowing co-worker. These two workers, who were described as “seasoned” public works employees, had previously been suspended by the city on Dec. 22 because they were suspected of bringing similar banned baked goods to a public works yard. … Continued