November 18, 2018

New GRT passes working — with a few exceptions

By Sarah Gilder, Spoke News With the school year starting and transportation options at peak demand, students at Conestoga College are getting back into the swing of purchasing bus passes in order to make their year a little smoother. But with new changes to the bus passes taking effect as of Sept. 1, there are a few more challenges for them to face. Many students decide to buy bus passes … Continued

One Card problems often an easy fix

By Manija Hamidullah, Spoke News The manager of One Card at Conestoga College’s Doon campus is assuring students that any problems they face with their card can be solved right away. “Students face problems once in a while depositing money in their cards, but it is very minimum and resolved as soon as possible,” said Andrea De Vito. “If students face any other problems they can contact our office and we … Continued

ONE Card is all you need

BY TYLER MEDEIROS Staff and students at Conestoga College are fortunate to have one card that allows them to access every service on and off campus that the school offers. “There was previously a whole bunch of cards, you needed a separate library card, a separate gym card; there were about five to six different cards you needed to have before the ONE Card was introduced,” said Chris Hussey, a … Continued

Conestoga ONE Card offers many benefits

BY AUSTIN WELLS Every student at Conestoga College has access to the school’s student card, or ONE Card, as it is called, but not every student is aware of some of the card’s other benefits. In addition to acting as a student card, it is the college library card, and students can load money onto it and use it to make purchases at any vendor on campus, sometimes at a … Continued

Chartwells says healthy options are available

BY SHAFAQ PARWEZ It is not unusual to find that most students end up perplexed every time they feel hungry at Conestoga. While some said they did not know of any healthy food options on campus, others were concerned about the food choices available at school. Some were not even sure how many cafes are on campus. There are many questions unanswered when it comes to Chartwells, the food provider … Continued

Bookstore sells more than just books

BY MATT LINSEMAN Conestoga’s Bookstore carries more than just books. In addition to all the basic course materials, they sell additional supplies and various uniforms for many of the college’s programs. Students can also find Conestoga- and Condor-crested clothing and giftware as well as accessories, snacks and bags. Starting this semester the Bookstore, in partnership with the ONE Card, will be accepting Condor Cash. Students will be able to load … Continued

Condor Cash program gives students credit

BY JOSHUA VAN OSTRAND ONE Cards are going to be used for more than just your student number, thanks to a Condor Cash program starting this fall. With the new system, students will be able to load money into an account tied to their ONE Card and use that money for purchases on Conestoga campuses much like a debit card. However, unlike a debit card, there will be no fees … Continued

ONE card finally a reality

BY ASHLEY NEQUEST Now that the new school year at Conestoga College is underway, Condors are having their first experiences with the much-anticipated ONE card. Throughout the final months of the 2014-2015 school year, and the subsequent summer, both students and faculty received multiple emails informing them of the coming changes in college identification. Emails contained both important information as well as reminders to upload a headshot to be used … Continued

Conestoga explores one-card system

BY JOSH BURY Conestoga College students could eventually be able to pay for lunch, access the new rec centre and board the bus all with one card. During the March 5 meeting of the Conestoga Students Inc. board of directors,  Mike Dinning, the college’s vice-president of student affairs, spoke briefly about a “one-card” program that would, among other things, provide access to the rec centre’s services. “How do we manage … Continued